Let’s get personal

Do you really get personal with your customers? How do you personalise your adverts to target the relevant audience? Do you tailor your content to your customer needs?

This year belongs to the more targeted and sophisticated advertising.

A personalised ad used to be an email or website tailored to your customer needs.

Nowadays, brands want to target their audience even more so they offer products their customers are really looking for. There’s no longer a generic advert displayed for everyone but there’s a special one and the only one for you. This is called programmatic advertising.

Programmatic advertising is data-driven advertising. It uses software and technology to automate the whole process not only the process of buying media but more importantly targeting the right audience.

For example:

If you are a man who accepted cookies on your mobile phone or desktop, your large amount of data has been stored and advertisers will serve you with adverts that are more likely to be relevant to you based on your demographic, psychographic or behavioural patterns.

In other words, this means all your data such as location, searched key words, age and many others will help to get the content personalised and tailored to your needs.

Nowadays brands do not focus on where an advert is placed and which website but on who sees it.

Here you can find more detailed information on what programmatic advertising is, its pros and cons: https://martechtoday.com/martech-landscape-what-is-programmatic-ad-buying-157453

But what it all means in digital production where the adverts are produced? As we have a lot of variations of ads targeted to different audiences, there will be a very high number of adverts produced with different content.

The adverts may seem to look the same but for instance there would be a different product, image or a message displayed depending on the customer preferences.


Some people may claim this is too intrusive but on the other hand you receive the relevant content which you are more likely to be interested in and as a result buy rather than seeing the ads with no benefit to you at all.

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