I am an experienced public speaker and have spoken at various Agile and DevOps conferences. I speak on the topics of Agile, Lean, DevOps, and Digital Transformation.

Please get in touch if you want me to speak at your conference or event.

My favourite formats are:

Agile DevOps
Round table sessions
Panel Discussions

My latest speaking engagements include:


Speaker at the Agile, DevOps & Testing: Methods and Tools Revisited, Feb 2022
Connecting technical teams with business

Iwona Winiarska

Panel Speaker at the Agnostic Agile Conference in Jan 2022
A fireside chat on business agility


Speaker at Agile, DevOps and Testing: New directions in Methods and Tools on 14th and 15th July 2021
How to benefit from agile methods without becoming dependent on them

Iwona Winiarska

Speaker at Agile, DevOps and Testing: The Business Case Conference on 28th and 29th April 2021
The business value of human-centred design in the DevOps environment

Speaker at the Women in Digital Network at Homes England Internal event in Feb 2021
My Journey to Becoming a Woman in Tech


Speaker at Virtual Community Days: Agile, DevOps and Testing on 4th Dec 2020
The challenges of the human-centred design

Iwona Winiarska

Speaker at Agile Tour London Conference on 23rd October 2020
Integrating UX with DevOps

Panel Speaker at the Speaker at the Agile, Testing DevOps Showcase, 31st July 2020
Discussion on the topic of DevOps, Continuous Integration, User centricity and innovations

Speaker at the Agile, Testing DevOps Showcase, 31st July 2020
Integrating UX with DevOps

Panelist in the online webinar on 3rd June 2020
Increasing the Credibility of Agile


Speaker at the London Jenkins Area Meet-up, 3rd December 2019
Integrating UX with DevOps

Facilitator at Agile Tour London, 18th October 2019

Facilitator at Agile Business Conference, 26-27th September 2019
Round table discussions after a series of talks

Speaker at The National DevOps Conference, London, 18th -19th June 2019
Lessons learned on the journey to DevOps Transformation

Speaker at The IT Manager of Tomorrow Conference, 14th June 2019
Being adaptive in a highly regulated environment – Case Study of Digital Transformation in the UK central government

Speaker at The DevOps Summit, London 11th April 2019
This event is co-located with Agile Transition and Transformations and Testing Summit.
Lessons learned on the journey to DevOps Transformation

Speaker at the Finding X meet-up, 9th April London
‘Is your organisation Agile-ready?
How to apply principles of Agile in complex environments?

Speaker at Agile & DevOps Showcase North, Manchester, 27th February 2019
How to make agile delivery more effective


Speaker at Agile meet-up. Introduction to Liberating Structures, London, 1st October 2018. Code Node/Skills Matter: https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/11519-dpm

Speaker at The National DevOps Conference, London, 16th – 17th October 2018
How to make agile delivery more effective

Speaker at Agile Business Conference, London, 26th – 27th September 2018
10 tips for Agile Delivery Managers