I am an experienced and self-motivated Agile Delivery Manager, Scrum Master, and Team Leader. I help large organisations and government deliver Agile and DevOps transformation programmes. I’m passionate about helping teams improve the way they collaborate by using various Agile techniques and methods.

I co-organise regular Agile events within the DPML meetup group whose aim is to share information and knowledge focused on being and doing Agile from the delivery and project management perspective.

I am a proud supporter of the Agnostic Agile movement which states ‘one size does not fit all’ and there is no one Agile framework fitting all organisations or teams but it depends on the context and a wider organisation’s strategy. Therefore, I always adapt and tailor agility to the company I work for and teams.

I have experience in project delivery using agile methods: Scrum, Kanban, and Lean principles within distributed and co-located teams. I act as an Agile Coach and use coaching techniques when working with teams and business stakeholders to improve their way of working. My mission is to transform not only the digital or IT department but the whole organisation including Marketing, Finance, HR and other departments.

Professional Background
My background is over 10 years experience working in digital and technology  delivering complex projects, products and services to multinational clients or public citizens.

My mission is to help teams work collaboratively and do the right thing in the most efficient way. I strive for: excellence, improvement, waste reduction and I make impossible things happen. I welcome change as I anticipate things are changing often.

I motivate, coach and guide teams on the standards and best practices of delivering software in an iterative and incremental way involving stakeholders and inviting them for feedback as early and often as possible.

I convey the Agile and Lean principles and align them with the projects and organisations’ objectives.  I use the Agile techniques and tools helping individuals communicate across co-located and distributed teams.

I have worked across multiple industries and brands including:
Financial Services, Retail, Media, Technology, Telecoms, Automotive, Hotel Leisure, Healthcare and recently Public sector.

I have worked with different teams across the organisations: Client Services, Product Design (UX/UI), Graphic and Digital Designers, Business Analysts, User Researchers, Content Designers and cross-functional teams consisting of: Developers, QA Testers. and DevOps engineers.

When working on transformation programmes, I work with senior business owners, senior civil servants and other stakeholders

Areas of business interests
Lean / Agile Transformation
Machine Learning / AI
Public speaking

Further learning

I also attend agile conferences, meetups and workshops in London which include:

Growth Mindset: Think Your Way To Success with Chris Davies

Staying Curious with Clean Language with Damian Crawford

Got The Perfect Agile Model?
Here’s What You Should Know About Agnostic Agile with Sam Zawadi

Driving Digital Change & Progressive Web Apps with Adobe, Enonic and Next Step

Moving Towards Teal with Ash Sheikh

Agile: The entrepreneur’s perspective With Dan Rogers

Agile PMO:
The PMO has the power to support your organisation’s­ revolution with Dean Latchana

Business Agility: Stay Relevant with Arie van Bennekum, Melanie Franklin, Kelly Waters

Agile Leadership with Chris Davies

The Art of Transformation with Richard Atherton

The Lean ToolKit: Practical Practices for Continuous Improvement with Jon Terry

Will scaling work for you? A gentle introduction to SAFe with Mark Jeckells

How to achieve success with Lean-Agile in Transformation with Aimia

All About Agile with Kelly Waters

AgileExpo – The Agile Enterprise with Unicom

SAFe City Simulation
Understanding Principles of Product Development Flow with Mark Jeckells

Agile Estimating & Planning Workshop With Kelly Waters and Zane Gambasin

Adopting Agile as a Cultural Change with Melanie Franklin

Scientific thinking (KATA) for agile teams with Andrea Darabos

Introduction to Cynefin – with Liz Keogh

Cultivating a feedback culture in your organization – Carlo & Manuele (ASOS)

Scrum Event & Dave Snowden present – Pre-Scrum techniques and the state of Agile

John Mcfayden (CEC) Understanding options: Enterprise Scrum a language of Choice

Eben Halford: 5 Rules for Unlocking Team Potential