Nestlé Health Science

Project Overview

Nestlé Health Science as part of the Nestlé Group’s specialist nutrition segment
manufactures almost one billion packages of scientifically-based nutritional supplements available in retail sales channels and pharmacies or recommended by healthcare professionals in healthcare facilities.

The aim of the project was to create a Polish version of the Nestlé Health Science website to showcase a wide range of health products for both consumers as well as healthcare professionals.


  • Market specific website components
  • Short timings for both website versions for consumers and healthcare professionals
  • Complex approval process involving multiple stakeholders



Iterative and incremental development to release MPV (website for consumers) and then the second web version for the healthcare professionals.




As a Lead Project Manager I took a direct responsibility over a team of 2 developers  and one Junior Project Manager who were working collaboratively on the website localisation and development. I worked closely with the global and local client to agree all website requirements before the project commenced and all technical training and brand guidelines provided by the Nestlé client.


Key Statistics
  • Sharepoint CMS based website
  • 2 website versions for consumers and healthcare professionals
  • 2 Front-end developers working simultaneously to hit the deadline