Data Transformation Discovery & Alpha

I have been engaged with one of the government departments to help the organisation become consistent, data-led and collaborative across directorates.


The goal of the project is to help two teams to prioritise development opportunities within a specific geographical area as a use case. The outcome from the organisational perspective is to become more ​consistent, collaborative, data-led and proactive in how different teams and directorates work to support the housing market​.

Problem area

  • The users don’t collect the right type or amount of data which they need in order to make effective and fast decisions.
  • The systems aren’t fit for purpose and the data input into those systems. is inconsistent.
  • Organisational tools and systems do not support the teams in doing their job
  • The data is not accessible and collecting it takes a long time.


The approach I have taken included elements of agile and user centred design. I’ve formed a multi-disciplinary team with all kick off activities for the project initiation. The team consists of user researchers, service designers, Enterprise/Solution Architect, Product Owner and myself as a Transformation Delivery Manager.Multidisciplinary team with all skills and capabilities need to deliver the initial phase of the project

  • Agile (iterative) approach of delivering value to the users and organisation – demonstrated by small steps, testing solution on a small scale and scaling or pivoting if it doesn’t work
  • Looking at all aspects of agile delivery: people, process, technology and data
  • User-centred design putting users at the heart of everything we do
  • Continuous engagement with users and business stakeholders


We have conducted a mini user research to learn more about the users and the pain points.
As a result, we have delivered:

  • As-Is process map for prioritising opportunities with recommendations for the To-Be process
  • Set of recommendations for improving the systems and processes related to site assessment and prioritisation. This includes how to scale the service across other teams and directorates, how to embed spatial tools and consolidate data, how to develop interventions assessment tool and prioritisation assessment and ultimately ensure the service is fit for purpose for the internal users.

As a consultant, I initiated a benefits realisation mindset and business value-focused agile delivery and promoted a structured and more rigorous approach towards very short and high paced pieces of work: mini-Discovery (3 weeks) and Alpha (8 weeks).

With regards to the organisational change and delivering business process improvements following with potential new systems and tools, I promoted a change management approach to deliver and maximise ROI of the changes.

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