VOLVO Programmatic DCO

Project Overview

Luxury car manufacturers like VOLVO offer the highest level of safety and quality of vehicles. As programmatic advertising has rocketed recently, VOLVO engaged Hogarth and other digital agencies to work on a pilot project for Poland. The goal was to create a master toolkit and internal capability for creating programmatic digital presence and roll it out globally.

As part of the VOLVO Programmatic DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimisation) initiative I delivered personalised content to all Volvo consumers interested in different car lines such as: safety, luxury, environment, tech and design.
The ‘Always on‘ approach involved A/B testing and continual optimisation based on the Reach & Retargeting strategy.


  • Global aspect of the campaign with multiple stakeholders in different regions
  • International digital agencies with little or no DCO experience
  • Market specific technical requirements
  • Market specific consumer needs
  • High number of dynamic ads to produce, test, implement and optimise
  • Localization and transcreation complexity across many regions


Truly global digital approach
Clearly-defined delivery model
Strict governance structure
Precise requirements and creative brief



As a Project Manager/Scrum Master I delivered the campaign in collaboration with multiple agencies including:
GreyWorks as a creative agency, Hogarth – production agency, Mindshare – media agency, Sizmek – ad server on a local and global level. I led a team of designers, UX/UI, tech lead, developers, QA and managed all senior stakeholders expectations.


Key Statistics
  • 7 creative routes
  • 800+ dynamic content adverts for the pilot project
  • 10+ markets for the global roll out
  • Technology: HTML5 (JS + CSS) dynamic production
  • DMP (1st and 3rd party data)