Global online presence in financial services


Project Overview

HSBC Online Acquisition Deposits project was the first HSBC programmatic initiative in North America in 2017. The Retail Banking and Wealth Management (RBMW) programme serves millions of customers worldwide through HSBC branch network, call centres, digital and mobile banking. The objective of the project was to launch programmatic multi-channel solution of personalised content with 3 Insight-led and Offer-led parameters: Choice, Advance, Premier and data signals, such as: personal interests, location and time. The project in the US was followed by a programme of HSBC initiative in other countries such as: China, UAE and Mexico which I took a direct responsibility for.


  • To differentiate brand in the crowded category
  • Leverage the performance story that is rooted in data and insights
  • Resonate across segments and reach individual targets in the right place at the right time




Utilise existing and capture data and optimise performance
Bespoke dynamic platform
Multiple workstreams at the same time

Right Ad @ Right Place / Time



I led the first HSBC programmatic (data-driven) initiative in North America.
As the main point of contact, I was responsible for all digital development, delivery process, agile ways of working through all delivery phases from discovery/initiation,  prototyping, development to ongoing optimisation. I managed stakeholders and partners expectations including the creative, and media agencies on a daily basis.

Internally I managed a small cross-functional team consisting of a UX designer, digital designer, front-end developer and QA tester to deliver a first successful programmatic project followed by a programme of programmatic HSBC projects in other regions: Dubai, Hong Kong, Mexico and US.


Key Statistics/METRICS
  • 6 creative executions
  • 250+ programmatic templates with optimisation for 1080 units
  • Technology: HTML5 (JS + CSS) dynamic production
  • 3 weeks lead time per 1 creative concept