Data Visualisation

Project Overview

One of the largest multinational professional services company has been actively managing the present and anticipating future to define new strategies. Companies continue to plan growth through pursuing acquisitions. Executives look to secure their long-term strategies at a time of rapid technological change.

The objective of the project was to visualise  data on all devices: desktop, tablet and mobile for:

  • Expectations to pursue acquisition
  • Sector convergence
  • Top investment destinations

  • Short timings to deliver engaging, functional, and dynamic data visualisation
  • Managing changing client expectations
  • Complexity of presenting responsive and dynamic data
  • A few design prototype proposals created to select the best concept
  • Defining MVP and building up more features at a later stage
  • Incremental development of the data visualisations
  • Stakeholders actively involved and collaborating with the Product Owner


I worked with a cross-functional co-located and remote teams who developed a Proof of Concept collaborating with UX/UI and presented the engaging charts to the stakeholders.

We chose different agile methods and techniques to work on the visualisation through daily collaboration with the client who were participating in our sprints and attended ‘agile ceremonies’ e.g. sprint planning, demo, daily stand-ups. Daily stakeholder communication with the cross-functional team was crucial to validate the concept, build the prototype, test it and use the presentable visualisations online.

Key Statistics
  • 3 data visualisation charts
  • Short turnaround of 2 up to 3 pieces of feedback daily
  • Complexity of changes split into complexity buckets: Tier 1, 2 and 3
  • Original 2 week timings extended to 1 month due to the scope changes