Apple Innovation Day

Project Overview

The internal company event ‘Apple Innovation Day‘ was organised for Apple and other company stakeholders. The objective of this 2 day event was to present innovation in technology and digital to allow better decision making and excel within this area.

As a digital expert I managed all activities connected with the event:

  • Teams of digital designers and developers to create required assets
  • Assets for print and to showcase to the stakeholders
  • Digital content for presentation and devices used to demo innovation
  • All changes to the plan and last minute tweaks in the ready assets
  • Proofreading of all assets and ensured the case studies are excellent
  • Relationships with 3rd party suppliers and others…


In the event, the company presented:

  • Machine Learning for Galderma
  • Alexa and Google Home devices including programming
  • Component-based templates for web-builds for Nestlé
  • In-store applications for Santander
  • Pixel-perfect craftsmanship for Rolex
    and digital workflow including multiple stakeholders
  • Digital Advertising Innovation and Trends (Programmatic DCO)
  • Connected devices – Nespresso Prodigio – demonstration
    involving mobile phone controlling the screen
  • Very short deadline for the complexity and innovative approach to the event
  • Multiple content initiatives and teams to manage
  • Organising the event and presenting the content at the same time & Last minute changes

Hands-on approach to plan and adjust to the ongoing changes
Document all changes and introduce a versioning system to avoid mistakes
Manage the teams effectively and communicate clearly about expectations


Having managed the event for one of our largest clients (Apple) was an exciting experience. I was working in a fast paced environment and managed the changes successfully. I collaborated with a team of fantastic colleagues who went an extra mile by completing all complex work on time. All pixel-perfect assets had to be delivered in an excellent way prior the event. After all, presenting our findings and digital innovations to the Apple stakeholders was a rewarding moment.


Key Statistics
  • 6 key case studies
  • 2 day event
  • Stakeholders from Apple from multiple countries